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How This One Tiny Task Helped Me Gain Body Confidence

August 14, 2017 No Comments
gain body confidence

How This One Tiny Task Helped Me Gain Body Confidence

August 14, 2017 No Comments

Like most young women, my quest for domination of body confidence is never ending. Despite the fact I am constantly critiquing every lump and bump when I stare into the mirror, my desire for body confidence is as strong as ever!

Way back when, I thought body confidence would strike me as soon as I reached my fitness goals and when my body looked the way I wanted it to. So, I set out on a strict diet and workout regimen to get slim and fit. But did body confidence show its face? Nope, it stayed well away and I was still unhappy in my own skin.

Skip forward to present day and the simple act of watching my favourite TV show gave me that light bulb moment. All it took was a character to say a few words and I realised what I needed to do. Be naked. 

It may sound a little risque, but that was all it took. One day, whilst I sat watching New Girl in my tiny flat, Jess’ dad tells her how being naked for 30 minutes a day has been proven to benefit a persons body confidence and you know what, he wasn’t wrong.


So how can being naked actually help your body confidence?

Never did I think something so simple could have such a massive effect on me, but when you really think it through, it makes perfect sense!

How many times have you avoided looking into the mirror when stepping in and out of the shower? How many times do you avoid mirrors when you’re getting changed or trying on clothes in a shop?

We always avoid looking at what we don’t want to see, so many of us will try and be naked for as little time as possible. When you’re naked, there’s nowhere to hide and that’s terrifying. You are vulnerable and forced to face all the little areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about, which is why being naked is the perfect answer to overcoming body hang-ups.

Getting naked and going about your daily tasks, helps to make your bare body a normal view. Simple things like brushing your teeth naked and seeing your body in the mirror whilst you do a normal daily task, helps to take away any novelty or surprise.

After a while, you start to feel comfortable just being naked, it no longer feels odd and you’ve seen yourself so many times by that point that you start to not care anymore. Exposing yourself (quite literally!) can help you face up to those ‘problem areas’ that are not even worth your time and energy worrying about. Soon these things all blend together and all you see is your body as a whole.


So will being naked cure all of your body hang ups?

Of course not. It’s not a magic tool that will make all of your troubles disappear overnight. In fact, getting started with naked therapy (I’ve just made that up, it seems to fit quite well) can be an uncomfortable and emotional experience.

I started by simply sitting and working on my laptop, but even alone in my room where not a single soul could see me, I still felt like I needed to cover up and hide from the world.

I haven’t completely lost all of my self-conscious issues, I still tear myself down every now and again, but I feel like this discovery is helping me to slowly build that body confidence brick by brick.

Self-development takes time, just like getting fit and changing your body. The mind can’t do a complete 180 in one day, after years of thinking a certain way. Just like CBT therapy, we have to retrain the mind to see things from a different perspective and that takes practice.

Let me know what you think about this ‘naked therapy’ idea and if you’ve tried it, how is it working out for you?


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