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Travel La Lune was created in late 2018 in order to document my travels and battle with mental health issues. I wanted to create a blog where people could go when they were struggling the most, and find inspiration and hope for what they are truly capable of. In the past few months, I have started to incorporate more and more techniques and inspiration from my personal, Wiccan beliefs in order to help people find an alternative route to a more positive wellbeing.

Traditional wellbeing techniques are not always easy for people to connect with and I found that combining Wiccan and Witchcraft practices into my mindfulness practice, I could find a more tangible way for my brain to find calm and tranquillity. I figured if I could use this more spiritual path to help me manage my volatile mental health, others may also find these techniques useful. With crystal healing and natural remedies more popular than ever, people are starting to turn to these more holistic approaches to help them be healthier and happier and I wanted to help.

Wicca and Witchcraft – It’s not that weird or scary

Many people will only know Wicca and Witchcraft from popular culture and so it all seems very supernatural and other worldly, but in truth its routes are based in ancient beliefs and even uses science to better understand the universe and our own bodies. Wicca is a nature based religion, one which celebrates the seasons rather than religious holidays. We celebrate Sabbats (pivotal points in the natural cycle) which include the winter and summer solstice and the autumn and spring equinox.

The heart of Wicca is gratitude, finding gratitude in what nature has gifted to us (e.g. long days of natural sunlight, a good harvest, natural and organic foods…) and in the energies and love that we have surrounding us every day. Witchcraft is a practice that often accompanies Wicca and other Pagan religions, but it can be practiced with no religious connection. Witchcraft is often mistaken for being something that is supernatural, something that can make the impossible happen.

However, witchcraft is a practice that includes rituals, meditation, herbalism, crystal magick and many more aspects, all of which are connected to nature in some form. It is about manifestation and intention, about putting out a message into the universe and taking steps to reap the rewards.

Using Wicca and Witchcraft for better mental wellbeing

I first looked into Wicca when I was very young and continued to dip in and out throughout my adolescence, but it wasn’t until I suffered serious mental health issues that I started to immerse myself into it more. I started looking into crystals, searching for ways to help me battle crippling anxiety.

Then after several episodes of depression, I started to look more into the actual religion and practices of Wicca and how they could help me create a more positive and health mindset. I won’t say that it has cured me of all my ailments, but I now have an anchor on which to cling to should things start to decline.

I have a more positive outlook on life, a greater understanding of the natural world and an empathy I didn’t have before. Writing this blog has helped me to show other people suffering with the same issues, that everything isn’t always black and white and there is more than one way to better mental health.

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