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Leeds Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge #GiffGaffMoneyFit

January 28, 2018

Leeds Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge #GiffGaffMoneyFit

January 28, 2018

I’ve been on the hunt for ways I can raise a few funds for my Great Wall of China trek, so when I was contacted to take part in the Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge, I couldn’t possibly pass it up! I was told that all I had to do was burn a few calories to earn myself some money towards a financial goal, simple right? Well, not as much as I first thought!

The Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge

The Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge aims to help us all get more money fit. Giff Gaff is on a mission to help us all spend more wisely, especially for those of us saving up for a big financial event!

I was invited to Firehouse Fitness in Leeds to see if I could beat the clock and burn a total of 200 calories in 20 minutes. It doesn’t sound too bad when you say it out loud, but when you’re on that treadmill running on a fill incline, and you feel like you want to throw up, it’s a very long time.

Exploring Firehouse Fitness Gym

Once I’d navigated my way around Leeds and found the gym, not too far from the city’s main shopping centre, I stepped foot into one of the nicest and most colourful gyms I’ve ever seen!

Firehouse Fitness currently has gyms in Leeds and Sheffield and their USP is that they add a little bit of fireman fun into normal gym routines. With functional fitness classes at the core of their offerings, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to add a bit of excitement to your workouts.

What I really loved about the gym is that it wasn’t too big. Smaller gyms, in my own wonderful opinion, are miles better for those looking to really enjoy their workouts. The staff are usually friendlier and more focused, they have a bit more freedom to get creative with classes and there’s more of a sense of community than larger gyms.

If you find yourself in Leeds or Sheffield and you’re looking for an awesome place to get your sweat on, I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Taking on the Money Fit Challenge

After a gentle warm-up, that surprisingly didn’t tire me out before I’d even begun, we stepped on the treadmills, all carefully lined up side by side along the back wall.

Like an army of bloggers, we all waited with bated breath for the final countdown to press quick start and start earning our dosh! We could choose how we used the treadmill, whether it was walking on an incline, running or a bit of both, just as long as we tried to burn those all important 200 calories in the allocated 20 minutes.

With cardio not really being my strong point (I prefer to lift heavy things and go on long walks), I had a little panic when I saw all the other badass bloggers jogging away beside me. But, with the tiny voice in my head telling me to stop worrying about what others were doing and focus on smashing my own goals, I put a little plan together.

With a mix of running and walking at a maximum incline, I managed to reach 200 calories by about 18 minutes, I then gave up and completed the rest at a slow walk whilst I focused on not throwing up.

Smoothie Making with Mr. Flavour

Once I’d stumbled, precariously off the treadmill, we all made our way over to the bar, where we took part in a delicious smoothie making class, courtesy of Mr. Flavour.

It was much needed after what I just put my poor body through and I opted for a very healthy sounding green smoothie. I felt so official drinking my kale and spinach smoothie and it wasn’t as terrible as it may sound (or look, I added beetroot for extra health).

Walking away with £40 for China!

We were told right from the get-go that we would be earning 20p for every calorie we could burn, meaning our max take away was £40, which I’m proud to say I managed!

That’s £40 more to put towards my Great Wall of China trek and £40 that will be going to help the Mental Health Foundation and all the amazing work they do here in the UK.

Not only did I earn a bit more for my fundraising pot, but I also realised what I was capable of if I really pushed myself. I always thought I knew what it felt like to push through a workout, but I never realised I had so much more gas in the tank than I originally thought!

Find out more about the Giff Gaff Money Fit Challenge by heading over to Giff Gaff Money! And why not help me smash my £1000 fundraising goal by heading over to my Justgiving page and making a little cheeky donation?

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