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How I’m managing money worries whilst travelling long term

January 11, 2019
Managing money worries

How I’m managing money worries whilst travelling long term

January 11, 2019

I’ve always been good with money, I avoided overdrafts in University and graduated with no debt other than the student loan (which I’ll pay back… eventually). Even as a semi-functioning adult, I’ve avoided the world of overdrafts and dabbled with success in credit cards. Money is a cause of great stress for me, so I always make sure I have enough saved or I will have enough for whenever I may need it.

So when it came to prepping for my New Zealand trip, I thought I’d be able to leave with a huge amount saved up!

Spoiler: I do not have much saved up and I am only 5 weeks away from departing.

So how am I managing these money worries and the mild panic at the thought of starving to death or sleeping on the streets in a foreign country?

Managing money worries whilst travelling

Trying to offer myself reassurance and comfort

I’m not going to spend this whole blog acting like I have my shit together, because I most certainly DO NOT! What I do have though, is a bunch of handy tools that I use to help me cope with the stress and the worry, not get rid of it, because I’m only human and to feel nothing would be abnormal.

1. Meditation

Something that I do on the regs and one of the best things about diving into Wicca, is that I now meditate more than ever and it no longer feels like a chore (it used to!), now I crave it and it has become my time for reflection. Instead of trying to rid my brain of everything that is bothering me, I spend time going through everything and unpicking it.

This has helped me massively, as I can think more rationally, helping to calm me down and ease the anxiety. It helps me talk myself through my financial plans and because it is so quiet and chill, I find I listen to myself a whole lot better.

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2. Using Fudget – The budgeting app

I downloaded a budgeting app a little while ago know and it helps me keep track of all of my bills and outgoings. I can plan how much spending money I have and plan how much money I need to put into my savings account at the end of every month.

The app I use is called Fudget and it’s great for letting me, manage my accounts and savings in a really flexible way. I just put in what I get paid and then my expenses for the month and it tells me how much money I have left over (at the moment it’s like 2p a day). For me this is essential because I can’t do maths to save my life and I panic in the face of calculations!

3. Pre-planning events and activities

As a rule, I prefer to do things a bit more spontaneously, this is mostly because I don’t always know how my mood and energy levels are going to be that day or that week. I also like having the freedom of being able to do whatever I feel like at the time I feel like doing it.

However, when working with a tight budget, I found planning the larger activities to be the way forward. For example, I recently took advantage of the HUGE discount over on the Kiwi Experience website and got a hop-on, hop-off bus pass for 40% off. This was one of the biggest expenses I was going to have whilst over there and I don’t have to worry about it now because it’s paid for!

I’ve also started making a note of the prices of the activities I 100% want to do, things like the glow worm caves and Hobbiton, so I know how much I need to keep a side for those things.

Trying to remember, travel is about having fun!

Something that I have had to remind myself, especially when it came time to book my Kiwi Experience bus pass, is that the whole reason I’m going to New Zealand is to have fun!

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I know how resourceful I can be when I need to and I need to remember that I trust myself to be able to provide enough money for the essentials, so to not be so frugal when it comes to paying for once in a lifetime experiences.

There would be no point in me not spending any money on anything whilst over there and just working the whole time, then I might as well have stayed at home!

So next time you find yourself panicking about money when you’re planning your long term trip, remember why you are travelling in the first place and trust that you will always find a way to survive, no matter what.

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