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Honing and strengthening my intuition

May 14, 2019
Honing your intuition

Honing and strengthening my intuition

May 14, 2019

My intuition has served me well over my 28 years, it’s not always been an easy relationship, but it’s helped me to make some of the biggest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Like what I hear you ask? Well…

  • Choosing to move away to University instead of living at home
  • Choosing to turn down job offers in order to find something better for myself
  • Choosing to go travelling instead of buying a house in a place I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to live
  • Cutting toxic people out of my life or even giving people second chances

Using your intuition is something we do almost daily and it is our most valued tool in life, yet not everyone taps into its power.

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honing your intuition

Can you do things to improve your intuition?

Of course you can! It may be a natural thing we are born with, but like anything, we can get better at it with practice and building a sense of trust.

People who don’t follow their intuition often struggle with trusting themselves and how they feel. These people are prone to seeking advice and doing what other people think is the right course of action, rather than doing what is best for them.

Having good intuition relies on how much you trust yourself and if that’s something you struggle with, then it’s the first place to start.

Learning to trust your instincts and yourself

It’s not easy to learn to trust yourself, it takes a lot of time and patience, but it will happen!

It’s best to start small, make minor decisions based solely on your intuition. This could be something as simple as picking a new paint colour for your room, choosing which cake to have at a coffee shop or even choosing food in the supermarket.

These may seem like unimportant things, but the more you practice using your intuition in this way, the stronger it will become and the more trust you will have in yourself.

How I try to hone and improve my intuition

Over the last few years I’ve worked hard on honing my intuition, as it not only plays a big role in practicing Wicca and Witchcraft, but it also helps me manage my mental health. Building a trusted relationship with myself has helped me to feel more confident and more capable of handling difficult or distressing situations.

There’s a couple of things I do to help me hone my intuition, the main ones being:

  • Daily tarot card readings – Every night before bed I’ll give myself a tarot card reading, to not only learn how to read the cards, but it helps me to better understand emotions, feelings and thoughts I’ve been having. Tarot cards require you to use your intuition to read the cards, and dig into your subconscious in order to find the connection between the cards and what you’re going through.
  • Using a pendulum – Similarly to tarot cards, I like to use a pendulum to answer any questions I have. I like to then take its answer and question it, usually I identify a thought or feeling I’ve been ignoring, as the pendulum answers based on your subconscious mind.
  • Actively think about why I’m choosing what I am choosing – Whenever I have to make a decision, I always ask why I’ve chosen that path. Even if it’s just something small, I always question whether I’ve made that decision based on logic or feeling. This helps me to better identify the feeling of choosing due to emotion and choosing because it makes the most logical sense.

Honing and strengthening your intuition isn’t just about decision making. Being more in tune with your thoughts and feelings can also help you to improve your emotional wellbeing and your mental health. It will help you to feel closer to yourself and better understand your own motives and thoughts behind everything you do.

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