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Why I fell in love with reading tarot cards

July 13, 2019
tarot cards

Why I fell in love with reading tarot cards

July 13, 2019

Sometimes we think we know why we are feeling or acting a certain way, but there’s always a small detail we are missing. This tiny detail is always hidden way in the back of our subconscious mind and no matter how hard we reach for it, we just can’t grasp it.

It was this thought that inspired me to look at other ways I could delve into and analyse my subconscious. I’d always been very aware that I had a few underlying issues that refused to surface and contributed to my poor mental health, but I had resigned to just not understanding them and dealing with the consequences.

It wasn’t until I started looking into how things like tarot card reading work, that I realised this might be just what I’d been looking for.

tarot card reading

Expanding your understanding

It’s always good to keep an open mind, especially when it comes to understanding things that may not seem, on the surface, explainable.

I have always been interested in tarot cards, having bought my first Rider Waite deck when I was about 16. I didn’t really know how to read them at the time, so I would always just try and make it up from the little booklet that comes with deck.

I also don’t think I needed tarot in my life at that point. I was still so young and I didn’t really know anything about myself, other than I had a crush on Johnny Depp and MSN was the ONLY form of communication worth my time.

As an adult, you realise just how complicated we are as humans and how many different cogs are in motion to simply get you out of bed in the morning. This understanding of the complexity of emotion is what really drove me to learn tarot.

For me, it seemed like a natural progression from the Wiccan practices I was already taking part in. Tarot was just another way of looking within and getting to know myself a little better.

How does tarot card reading work?

Since I’ve been posting about tarot reading, I’ve had a few people approach me and say:

“I don’t really believe in that stuff, but it would be fun to have a reading”

Random Person

I want to make one thing clear, tarot isn’t about mysticism. It is definitely surrounded in a bit of mystical energy, but if you look at it from a basic perspective, it is about helping you to realise what you already know.

With that in mind, there’s nothing to believe or not believe in. You don’t have to believe that I’m psychic or have some supernatural ability to predict your future, just because I’ve given you a reading.

So here’s a little breakdown on how (practically) tarot cards work.

Reading the signs

Each tarot card represents a struggle, achievement or trait that we can all apply to our own lives.

For example:

The Death Card – Symbolises change and the death of something that is no longer serving you. This could be applied to a relationship, a job, even a TV show if it’s what’s important to you!

The Ace of Cups – A new emotional or creative beginning. The ace of cups tells you that there is going to be something that you have an emotional connection coming into your life and filling you with joy and positivity.

Looking at both of those meanings, I bet there are points in your life, no matter how big or small, that these cards can relate to. That’s the trick, we can relate at least one thing to every card, it’s how the story is told back to us that makes tarot reading so powerful.

Tarot is a narrative structure for your story

The spreads (the order the cards are laid out and read back to you) that the cards are read is the narrative structure for your story. The cards are plot points.

All spreads will start with your past, present and end with your future, very much like any book, film or show that you see in your everyday lives. This is your beginning, middle and end and the cards that you pull are jumping off points for your story.

The cards suggest something that could be happening in your life, whether it’s a feeling or a practical thing. It’s then your subconscious mind’s task to fill in the blanks and expand on the cards.

Holding up a mirror to your life

A tarot reader’s job is to hold up a mirror for you to look back into and see your problems from a different perspective. We are here to take you by the hand and give you the tools you need to find the answers for yourself. It’s not about telling you what was and what will be.

You will already know the answer to your question, but your subconscious mind just hasn’t released it to you yet.

Communication is key!

Something that people fail to mention is that communication is key when it comes to having a reading. Don’t go into a reading with the intention of testing your reader on her psychic abilities, that won’t serve you.

Start a conversation with your tarot reader, talk through your problems and issues and if something resonates, tell them why, if it doesn’t resonate with you, let them know. The reader is there to help and support you with answering this question that’s been bothering you, so treat them with respect and use them and their willingness to listen and help!

So to round off nicely, here are a few things you need to think about when faced with tarot or debating whether to get a reading:

  • Tarot is not a way for you to mystically see into your future, it is to gain an answer to a question
  • Tarot is filled with lessons, so even if you get a negative card, this is just telling you that you need to learn from this experience
  • Make sure you have a clear question you want to ask the tarot, you’ll get a much better reading
  • All tarot readers have their own style and way of reading
  • You have free will, nothing is set in stone and you can work towards the outcome you want, just make sure you take the warnings and lessons presented to you in the reading
  • It’s not about believing in the supernatural, it’s about wanting to better understand yourself and your complex mind

Tarot reading has become my ultimate form of self-care and it’s helped me to ask questions about myself I would have never thought to ask. My intuition is at an all time high and I feel like I know myself better than I have ever done before. So, here’s to many more tarot readings!

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