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The key to mindful decision making

May 13, 2019
Decision Making

The key to mindful decision making

May 13, 2019

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve made a big decision on a temporary feeling or emotion. Usually a decision that has very permanent consequences. I am well and truly ruled by my emotions (it’s a Scorpio thing), something my tarot cards enjoy reminding me of almost every reading. This means that I am very prone to making rash decisions on temporary emotions, which is great

Respect big decisions and give them the time they deserve

One mistake I’ve made frequently is not respecting a big decision and its potential repercussions. One of the ways I deal with these situations is by down playing them so that they don’t seem as scary, but this also makes me a bit flippant when it comes to making any important decisions.

Mindful decision making

As much as I despise people that are incapable of making a decision, I do think we all need to slow down and give the right things the correct amount of thought. Weighing up pros and cons and visualising different outcomes is something I find very helpful.

It’s never going to be easy

Some of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make have been whilst travelling. I’d always kept myself in a safe comfort zone that allowed me to make easy decisions or keep from having to make them at all. It’s not until I threw myself head first into a completely unstable environment that I realised what it really meant to have to think on your feet and think things through properly.

The important thing to remember is that no decision is easy to make, it’s always going to be hard and the outcome depends heavily on how you tackle it.

“It’s not about making the right choice. 
It’s about making a choice and making it right.”

J.R. Rim

The way I see it, 2 different people can be faced with the same situation and make the same decisions, but still come out the other side with different outcomes. Why? Because it’s not the situation we are in that dictates what happens to us, it’s how we deal with it that decides our fate.

No matter the outcome, how will you handle it?

Here’s an example for you:

There are two friends, one always looks on the bright side and tries to find optimism in everything she’s faced with, the other is a massive pessimist and is determined to hate and mistrust everything thrown her way.

They are both faced with the decision to either stay at a job they love or take a job they aren’t sure they will love, but will give them more money and a better work life balance. It’s a difficult decision to make, but the outcome depends on the person, not the path taken.

They both choose to take the gamble but…

The optimistic girl is determined to make the most out of the situation, she chats to people, makes new friends, speaks up in meetings and learns as much as she can. Soon, she’s just as happy in her new job as she was in her old.

The pessimistic girl starts the new job, but she doesn’t let herself enjoy it because she is stuck thinking in the past. She is constantly comparing her new co-workers to her old, new tasks to her old workload and constantly thinking about everything she doesn’t know, rather than what she can learn. She’s miserable and hates her new job.

Same decision to make, same options chosen, totally different outcomes.

What are your reasons and do they actually matter?

So to bring it back around to our original point, are you make a decision for the right reasons? Too often we let our emotions, usually fear or doubt, control what decision we do or do not make.

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”

Michelle Obama

However, the next time you are faced with a fork in the road and you find yourself coming up with a list of reasons why you shouldn’t take the road less travelled, remember, that whether the outcome is positive or negative is completely how you choose to approach it.

Sit down with your decision, face it head on and give it the time it deserves. It may be uncomfortable, maybe even painful, but whatever you choose to do, you need to be prepared to keep an open mind and go all in, leap with both feet and brace for landing (no idea what I mean by that but it sounds good so let’s go with it).

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