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Unlocking the senses and learning aromatherapy

June 1, 2019
aromatherapy for beginners

Unlocking the senses and learning aromatherapy

June 1, 2019

In my recent quest to get out of the house more and start living a normal life here in New Zealand, I decided to book onto a little aromatherapy class at my nearest wellness centre. It was something I have always been interested in and aromatherapy can play a big role in witchcraft, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The class was hosted at AYU in Dunedin central, a place that often hosts things like yoga, crystal healing and aromatherapy classes. Basically, the perfect place for me, plus it’s only a 10 minute walk from my house!

aromatherapy oils

Essential oils and emotions

The class was hosted by Jessica Savage, a coach and essential oils workshop leader. Not only was she lovely and very welcoming, but she made sure to check in with you as she went along, explaining all the different smells and combinations.

The workshop was just a little taster into aromatherapy and how it can help you to balance and better understand your emotions. Jess took us through her huge collection of essential oils and explained how to use them and how to recognise when an oil taps into a particular feeling, thought or emotion.

It was so relaxing to just sit in a circle with other like-minded women and talk about how we can use all of these oils to help us emotionally. We all shared some of the things we struggle with day-to-day and which oils could help us with those particular issues.

Identifying the oils that are perfect for me

I came away with a huge list of essential oils to buy, the main one being lavender. We all know the calming properties of lavender and it was this that formed the base of many of my custom combinations.

Jessica also helped me to create a few combinations to help me with some of my other issues, such as homesickness. Everyone was so lovely and supportive and told me if I was ever struggling I was more than welcome to get in touch with them for a coffee. It’s so nice to know that there are complete strangers out there that are willing to help you no matter what.

Using essential oils

I learned a few different ways to use the essential oils. Some can be consumed in things like tea (you have to check the label first though, to make sure the oil is edible), the most common ways though are in a diffuser or in a roller ball. It’s the roller ball that I’m currently using the most.

I’ve found that keeping a small roller of lavender and bergamot on my desk in work helps me to keep calm and grounded when I start to feel a bit disconnected (something that is common when suffering with homesickness).

If you are Wiccan or practice witchcraft, then you can also use essential oils to anoint ritual candles, or diffuse them instead of burning incense. Using all of your senses is a big part of ritual practice, so having that strong connection to your sense of smell can often help you focus your intentions a lot better.

So, would I go to another essential oils workshop? Of course! They are super relaxed, friendly and welcoming, not to mention you come away with even more tools to help you look after your mental wellbeing. What’s not to love?

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