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What does it mean to live intentionally?

May 8, 2019
Living intentionally

What does it mean to live intentionally?

May 8, 2019

Intentional living is something I’ve been trying to do a lot more of recently. It sounds like one of those hippy-dippy concepts that many of us choose to ignore, but the benefits of living more intentionally could be life changing for all of us.

What does ‘intentional living’ mean?

It means living in a way that directly aligns with our core beliefs. This could be environmental, health related or another issue that is close to your heart. People who actively avoid plastic for example, are living with intent. Their intent is to decrease their impact on the planet by using less plastic and they take steps in their daily life, to ensure they do just that.

practicing intentional living

How I try to live intentionally

I’m not going to sit here and preach that I’m an intentional living master, I’m still learning and to be honest, I’m pretty bad at it. However, when I do manage to do it consistently, I always notice a huge shift in my mindset overall.

Whether it is with what I eat, the content I consume or even just the things I buy in the supermarket, thinking about why I’m doing what I’m doing and how it benefits me has given me a whole new appreciation for the little things in life.

Neon sign - life is beautiful - intentional living

The hardest part was thinking about my core beliefs and what mattered most to me. I’ve never been much of an activist, but as I’ve gotten older, I find myself more passionate about certain subjects. Things like feminism, animal cruelty and more recently, environmental issues like plastic consumption.

At the heart of everything though, there is my mental health. I’ve always made that a priority in what ever I do and it was the thing that pretty much forced me to live intentionally in the first place. Everything I do I try and make sure it has a positive impact on my mental state. This can be something as small as choosing not to lounge around in bed watching Netflix all day, and instead going for a walk or being productive in some form.

It’s the fight to keep my mental health on track and mental illness under control that drives everything I do and without intentional living, I wouldn’t be able to create a life that benefited me body and mind.

How can you start to live more intentionally?

Living with intent all stems from what you want to achieve out of life and the impact you want to have. Think about the subjects and issues that matter most to you and what can you actively do, day to day, to make an impact.

Every tiny action builds up to a bigger affect, so never throw an idea aside if it seems too small. Baby steps is the perfect way to introduce more intention to your every day, so think about little changes you could make to your current routine to benefit you.

Intentional living is also largely about mindfulness and living in the present. You need to be aware of what you’re doing in order to decide if you should be doing it or not. If you find yourself daydreaming or not concentrating on something you should be, stop, take a breath and come back to it.

Good luck with your intentional living guys and remember, nobody is perfect, so don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon!

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