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12 Best Airbnbs in Stockholm (For Solo Travellers)

March 12, 2018

12 Best Airbnbs in Stockholm (For Solo Travellers)

March 12, 2018

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and the home of the greatest museum on earth… the Abba museum! Oh yes, Stockholm is the perfect place to go if you’re in love with cool Scandinavian style, Dancing Queens and unusually awe inspiring metro stations (they have to be seen to be believed).

Stockholm was the second solo trip I made a few years ago and I braved the not so great weather, to explore the city to the fullest. I stayed in the stylish Generator Hostel Stockholm on Torsgatan close to the main shopping high street, but on my travels I found beautiful little neighbourhoods that I would have LOVED to stay in.

As soon as I came back I said that if I ever went back I’d definitely try and book into an Airbnb and just take some time to really experience Stockholm. As much as I loved the hostel I was staying in, I feel like a second time round I’d like to feel more engrossed in the suburban areas of the city, such as Södermalm. So, here to help you do exactly that, is 17 of the very best Airbnbs in Stockholm, Sweden!

Best Airbnbs in Stockholm

Best Airbnbs in Stockholm

Best Airbnbs in… Södermalm

These clean and minimalist apartments are in my favourite neighbourhood of Södermalm. They have that modern Scandinavian design that many young travellers will be looking for from a central Swedish apartment.





Best Airbnbs in… Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, also known as the old town, is my second favourite district within Stockholm, perfect for the hipster traveler, its small little boutique shops, cobbled streets and beautiful old town buildings are a must for anyone looking for the old culture of Stockholm.





Best Airbnbs in… Östermalm

A place for those looking for a little bit more luxury, Östermalm is a very wealthy district and so it’s perfect for the solo traveller looking to experience the higher end lifestyle of Stockholm.






Stockholm is full of beautiful and stylish apartments that make the perfect home for a few days in Stockholm. I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself an Airbnb and experiencing Stockholm like a true local!

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