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8 Solo Travel Blogs that Inspire Me Every Day

February 21, 2018
Travel Bloggers

8 Solo Travel Blogs that Inspire Me Every Day

February 21, 2018

I’ve followed travel blogs for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of blogging. With my adventurous spirit and love of travel photography, travel blogs helped me escape from normal life and dream of a more nomad existence. If it wasn’t for the huge range of amazing, solo travellers taking over social media and the blogging world, I don’t think I’d have had the courage to travel solo myself!

Over the years, I’ve discovered some brand new travel blogs and I also have my handful of absolute favourites that I always come back to time and time again. Not only do these inspiring females have amazingly helpful and informative blogs about travel, but they are also pretty damn good behind a camera.

So, if you want to get that travel fire lit and gain some serious inspiration, take a look at these top 8 travel blogs!

World of Wanderlust

Brooke’s blog is one that I found a good few years ago and instantly fell in love with it. Her content is super helpful for anyone looking to travel the globe and her photography is stunning. I also love the layout of her blog, as you can choose the exact destination you want to know more about straight from the nav.

Check out her social media for gorgeous Instagram posts and make sure to head over to her YouTube channel to see amazing travel vlogs!

World of Wanderlust Travel Blogger

Young Adventuress

I’ve only discovered Liz’s blog over the last few months and I love her laid back and down to earth style of writing. Liz makes it so easy to relate to her (something that can be a little difficult when we’re busy being incredibly jealous of amazing travel bloggers). I also love her active and adventurous approach to travel, rather than simply visiting destinations, she’s always getting stuck in to the local activities and culture, which I LOVE!

p.s. She also has a really super cool map style navigation which I’me VERY jealous of!

Young Adventuress Travel Blog

Vicky Flip Flop Travels 

Vicky is another solo travel blogger I’ve followed for a long time! No matter if it’s through her content or photography, you always get the excited and high-energy feeling through what she puts online and it’s so contagious! Everything Vicky does make me want to jump on the next plane out of here and start my own adventure!

Vicky Flip Flop Travel Blog

Travel Blogger Society

This may be cheating slightly, don’t judge me! Travel Blogger Society is a collection of articles from various awesome travel bloggers, telling us all about their experiences from around the world. It is an amazing library of super helpful and informative travel articles. You can also register to create your very own profile and post your own travel blogs!

Travel Blogger Society

The Travel Hack  

Monica has created a family friendly travel blog that shows you can still enjoy a luxury travel experience without having to pay out a ridiculous amount of money. Not only does she jet off to some seriously beautiful destinations, but she offers some really great tips for those with a family that also want to see the world.

The Travel Hack Blog

The Blonde Abroad 

Kiersten is probably up there with some of the best known female travel bloggers. She’s been pretty much everywhere and her travel photography is so good I just stare at it for hours (ok maybe not hours, I exaggerate). With her latest trip to Botswana making me extremely jealous, her Instagram and blog are ones to bookmark for future reference!

Pommie Travels

Another blog I’ve followed for a veeeery long time, Victoria has developed her solo travel blog into something very special. I’ve watched as this blog has grown and developed and as an avid reader, I’m super proud of what Pommie Travels has become! Victoria offers tips and resources for those looking to travel the world, so if you’re planning an adventure, make sure to check out her blogs to get fully prepared!

A Dangerous Business 

A girl after my own heart, Amanda loves to not just travel, but to explore and that I am 100% onboard with! Her love of Tolkien is obvious and she has some of the very best travel guides to Middle Earth (New Zealand for all of you non-Lord of the Rings fans). You can tell that Amanda wants to get the very best out of life and I always head to her blog when I need a pick me up!
Dangerous Business Travel Blog

Make sure to visit all these amazing women over on social media and over on there blogs!

Who inspires you to travel? Let me know who else should have been included in this list!

  • Deborah Regen February 21, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    These are all great choices. To your list I would add 2 solo female travel bloggers: 1) Jessica Festa of “Jessie on a Journey” and 2) Gloria Apara of “Nomadic Chica.”

    • Cat Crawford February 21, 2018 at 9:28 pm

      Amazing! I will be sure to check them all out, I love having new blogs to read!

  • Shannon February 22, 2018 at 1:47 am

    I too follow World of Wonderlust! I will have to check out the rest of these bloggers. Thank you, Cat!

    PS- I just followed you on Instagram, love your photos!

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