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The Very Best Places to Eat in Barcelona

January 29, 2018
Places to eat in Barcelona

The Very Best Places to Eat in Barcelona

January 29, 2018

Barcelona holds a special little place in my heart. It was the first place I ever travelled solo and the city where I realised I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted! It set me off on a mission to see more of the world and make bigger and braver decisions. It also offered up some of the best grub I’ve ever had!

If you’re heading off to this beautiful Catalonian city, then here are a few of the most delicious cafes and restaurants to sample while you’re there. Don’t forget to pair everything with a small (NOT!) glass of sangria, it is an absolute must.

The Best Sangria in Town – Maestro

It’s safe to say I have sampled the sangria in the majority of the Barcelona bars and cafes, I was out to find the absolute best one in town.

Maestro is based just off the Ramblas and has a vintage Spanish feel that gives you the authenticity many are looking for when they head to Spain. Not only did it serve delicious tapas, but the sangria was by far the best I’ve had! It also has amazing pastries and danishes if you’re roaming around and find yourself looking for a quick snack.

The Perfect Place for Coffee and Cake – Alsur Cafe (El Born)

Finding this one was completely by accident. After living in Manchester City Centre, I’ve developed a passion for quirky, slightly hipster looking coffee joints and Alsur Cafe is right on point!

I stopped here for a quick bite and a coffee when exploring the Gothic Quarter and it did not disappoint. Either sit in and enjoy the rustic interior or take your delicious treats to go and enjoy the sites around this beautiful part of Barcelona.

A Little Bit of Luxury – Set Portes

I swung by Set Portes for dinner before heading down to the beach for the feast of Sant Joan and I was surprised at how luxurious, yet reasonably priced it was. I’m not saying it’s the cheapest of places to eat in Barcelona, but for the quality of food and the classy atmosphere, I did expect a bigger price tag.

This is a great date night spot if you’re visiting the city with a loved one, you can then go on to enjoy the beachfront and it’s huge variety of bars.

Delicious Seafood – Crudo Bar

If you are one of the few that absolutely adores eating seafood, especially the really weird seafood with tentacles and suckers and all that jazz, then this is the place for you.

Crudo is arguably one of the best places in Barcelona to grab a plate of juicy and flavoursome seafood. With a menu consisting of octopus and fresh salmon, this is any fish lovers dream. Situated right in the heart of the city, Crudo isn’t that difficult to find and an easy choice if you’ve just spent the day shopping.

Best for Brunch – Tropico

If you are like me, brunch is one of your all-time favourite meals of the day, plus, if you’re on holiday, who wants to get up early enough for breakfast?

Tropico is perfect for those tourists that like to rise late in the morning and offers the best brunch in the city. Here, you can find your normal, tasty brunch dishes such as pancakes, smoothies and even homemade granola. You’ll find this little hot spot not far from the Drassanes metro stop, so it’s very easy to get to when you need to refuel!

One of the best parts of visiting Barcelona is the delicious food and because of its vibrant and diverse culture, there are so many amazing places to eat!

The winding streets also make it a lot of fun to try and find the hidden gems of the city, a lot of the very best places to eat are hidden away down alleys and side streets, so don’t be afraid to try the smaller cafes and restaurants.

Found a delicious place to eat in Barcelona? Let me know in the comments and share it with the world!

*Photos are for embellishment only and are not from the actual places mentioned

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