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How to Book Your First Solo Travel Trip!

February 28, 2018
Solo travel anxiety tips

How to Book Your First Solo Travel Trip!

February 28, 2018

So you want to travel solo but you can’t overcome the crippling fear you feel in the pit of your stomach, whenever the thought of jetting off on your own pops into your head. Don’t you worry, you are not alone! Everyone experiences the solo travel trip jitters before their very first solo trip, so what can you do to push past them and finally book your adventure?

2 different ways to push past the fear and book your solo travel trip

In the video, I talk you through my 2 biggest tips for pushing past the fear of booking your first solo travel trip. Everyone knows how hard it is when your head and your heart are playing a little tug of war.

Your head is telling you it’s too dangerous to head out into the world alone, but your heart is already off enjoying your dream destination. So how can you convince your head to get over that first hurdle and book your trip?

Each of these tips focuses on a different kind of traveler, the spontaneous adrenaline junkie, and the anxious adventurer. Everyone is different, but I guarantee that one of these techniques will help you push past (or avoid) the fear and get you all booked up on your first solo travel trip.

  • Technique 1: Plan the crap out of it before booking
  • Technique 2: Don’t think, just do

Which technique will work for you, really depends on how you deal with stress and pressure, some people deal better with these, so technique 2 would be ideal. However, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, technique 1 may be the best option!

What’s stopping you?

Think about what is stopping you from booking, no, not money or time, what is really stopping you?

I always blamed budget or getting time off work for not traveling on my own. Whenever someone would ask me whether I was going anywhere on holiday that year, I’d respond with ‘well I don’t have anyone to go with and I have no money’. EXCUSES.

So what was really stopping me? Well, the following actually:

  • I was worried that my depression would mean I wouldn’t be able to emotionally cope with being on my own for so long
  • I didn’t think I knew how to get myself onto a plane, off a plane in a different country and safely to my accommodation
  • I was worried I would get hurt or robbed
  • I was worried I’d be cripplingly lonely
  • I was scared of eating in a public place on my own
  • I was worried other people would think I was weird wandering around on my own
  • I was worried I wouldn’t make friends in the hostels
  • I was worried I’d get lost trying to use public transport

Yep, they were the real reasons I hadn’t booked a solo holiday. All it took was one minute of bravery and bam! I was booked into a hostel and on a flight to Barcelona. Obviously, I was absolutely terrified, but as soon as I had to look after myself, get on the plane and to my accommodation, I realised how capable I actually was.

Now, I travel alone all the time and I love the freedom I have to explore and do what I want to do. I still get nervous every single time I go, but as soon as I get into the swing of things, I can happily travel wherever I want!

So what’s stopping you from booking your first solo travel trip? Need me to convince you? Because I will!

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