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Dealing with creative embarrassment as a travel blogger

January 21, 2019
creative embarrasment

Dealing with creative embarrassment as a travel blogger

January 21, 2019

Have you ever wished you could take amazing travel pictures of yourself, or just get amazing shots and footage for your blog or YouTube channel? I bet the reason you don’t isn’t because you are lacking the skill, I bet it’s because you feel like an absolute fool trying to get those awesome shots.

The amount of times I’ve missed an awesome photo opportunity or an amazing shot that would completely have upped my vlogging game, due to me simply being too embarrassed to get my camera out is crazy.

In the blogging and vlogging world, we are always talking about how we can get better at photography or filming yourself in public, but no one addresses the elephant in the room. The embarrassment of even getting your camera out in the first place.

Just get the camera out and start snapping

More often than not, you’ll be out and about with your friends or family, maybe having a delicious meal or a drink in a swanky bar and you think:

This would make the perfect picture for my blog!

But you keep your camera firmly in your pocket because, what would people say if you just whacked out a camera in the middle of lunch? The same thing applies for us travel bloggers. For those of us that travel solo, it can be a tricky situation to capture ourselves in the moment. Selfies just don’t cut it if you’re trying to up your blogging game.

This means, you’ll probably need to set your camera up on a tripod or propped up on something nearby. Not only will you be worried about theft, but you may also be worried about what people think you are doing being all posey to just a camera. There is also that awkward moment where a stranger tries to be a really nice person and take your picture, but they give it back to you with 3 blurry photos and 10 with their finger over the lens. What do you do then?!

Getting over your fear of showing off your camera and getting it out during a get together is something that all first time bloggers get. One trick is to get those around you involved, show your friend the picture you just took, ask for their opinion. If you’re vlogging, ask the person questions or get them to film you, everyone loves to have a play with new tech.

Creativity and blogging

Don’t be afraid to get creative

I can’t even begin to describe some of the weird positions, poses and walks I’ve had to do to get the perfect shot. Trying to keep the vlogging camera steady often involves a strange crouch walk and getting the perfect angle for a photo can often include kneeling or lying on the floor.

You may look weird to passers by, but if you are 100% focused on the actual image you are looking at through your lens and thinking about how it will look when it goes live on your blog, or when you’ve put it into your latest vlog, you’ll find that you don’t even notice the people around you.

Creativity is the cornerstone of blogging and vlogging, it’s the most fun part, so don’t let others ruin your creative spark and just lean into the weirdness.

If you need to crawl under a bush and stand on one leg to get that ultimate sunset shot, you do you hun!

The truth is, people do not care what you are doing and even if they do, it will only be for a split second as they walk past. You will not see those people again. If it’s your friends and family that are giving you a hard time, turn the camera on them as much as possible, they’ll soon be glad when you turn your focus back on yourself or your flat lays.

Why do you blog?

I started blogging because I wanted a way to express and get completely immersed in my creativity. I wanted to be able to write whatever the hell I wanted to write. I wanted to take the pictures I’ve always wanted to take and I wanted to create the films and vlogs that allowed me to express myself fully.

Blogging is about being creative, it is about standing out from others by being yourself and showing the world what amazing things you have to offer. If you let fear and embarrassment stop you from doing those things, can you really create the blog you want to create?

Everything in this world is temporary and so is embarrassment, so seize the moment and make the most of it while you can.

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Want to chat more about creative embarrassment? Drop me a message and let me know your thoughts!

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