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Manchester JigTalk at Alston Bar & Beef

August 4, 2018
Alston Bar and Beef Manchester

Manchester JigTalk at Alston Bar & Beef

August 4, 2018


I currently reside in the beautiful city of Manchester, I consider myself an honorary Manc, even though I’m from just down the road and closer (both genetically and physically) to Liverpool…

I’m getting way off topic already.

My point is, Manchester is my home and even though I love to travel, I also love to discover new places to see, eat, drink and enjoy in my home city. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to head off to the Manchester launch of JigTalk, not just because I am single af and fed up of Tinder, but because it was being held in a bar that I had yet to explore!

Alston Bar & Beef Manchester

Before I head off telling you all about this new dating app that has just launched here in Manchester, I want to talk about Alston Bar & Beef.

I very rarely head down to the Corn Exchange as I usually end up in a basement bar on Deansgate (I prefer to get drunk in very dark, underground places apparently), so it was nice to have a reason to go there and explore more of the amazing bars and restaurants.

Alston Bar & Beef Gin

Alston Bar & Beef is on Cathedral Street next to the cathedral (who’d have thought?) and technically is a basement style bar in that you have to climb down the metal stairs to get to the bar and restaurant area, so it ticked many of the boxes on my ‘places to drink’ list.

The interior was so beautiful, almost boudoir like, with a sleek ‘speakeasy’ vibe. With a mix of velvet chairs and industrial style tables, it was classy but informal. Holding the JigTalk event here was a perfect match, as Alston Bar & Beef would be the perfect date spot, plus it’s right next to the Metro, so if things weren’t going well you can just hop on a tram!

The nibbles provided were delicious, I couldn’t tell you exactly what they were, but there was one that was sausage meat wrapped in filo pastry and it was heaven in bite.

Alston Bar & Beef

The crowning glory though was their cocktail menu, we had a number of choices but the one that stood out for me was the Black Forest Martini. I can’t even describe how much I loved this. Sometimes with dessert cocktails, they can be a bit… burny? Like the mixologist has dumped as much straight alcohol in a glass as possible. This one however, tasted EXACTLY like black forest and if you love the black forest hot chocolate from Costa, this is just a cold alcohol version.

The JigTalk Dating App

Now for JigTalk, one of the things I find hard whilst travelling is finding time for dating, but also finding people to date. Yes, I’ve dabbled in Tinder, but with a name like Cat, you can imagine what kind of comments and jokes I receive through my DMs.

The thing I find the most frustrating when using dating apps or websites, is that you can’t connect with someone, you have to just go out with them and hope for the best. I find it hard to connect with other humans at the best of times, so dating has always been a tricky landscape for me. That and I’m what I like to call intro-socially awkward, meaning I can’t relax or be myself around people I’ve only just met.

JigTalk Manchester Alston Bar & Beef

I downloaded JigTalk and gave it a whirl before I agreed to go to the event and I really like the concept of it!

With JigTalk, you have to chat to your matches in order to remove puzzle pieces from their face. They don’t know what you look like and you don’t know what they look like, so you can’t judge a book by its cover. I have started judging guys by their hair though, but it’s progress!

What’s also cool about it, is it gives you icebreaker questions to ask to get the conversation started, something I always struggle with.

If you want to give JigTalk a whirl, you can download it from the app store!

Looking to give Alston Bar & Beef Manchester a visit? Check out the location on the map below!

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