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The best crystals for travel and keeping level headed

January 14, 2019
Crystals for Travel

The best crystals for travel and keeping level headed

January 14, 2019

From a very young age, I’ve always been fascinated with crystals and the unlocked potential they have. Even before I became Wiccan I had a decent collection of gem stones tucked away for emergencies. I’ve worn Tiger’s Eye for years and I’ve always felt a comforting feeling whenever I picked them up.

Now that I’m about to head off travelling long term, I’ve been collecting even more crystals, trying to choose the very best crystals for travel and ones that will help keep my energy high and loving life!

Best Crystals for Travel

Why do crystals have power over us?

Whether crystals have any ACTUAL power is something many will argue over. A lot of people find it hard to accept that something that isn’t human or chemical can have any effect over our physical wellbeing.

I used to be the same!

Way back in the day I couldn’t understand how a rock could make me feel anything, but crystals are created by using the earths natural resources and energy, just like we are, so they have a vibration and a frequency that we are able to tap in to.

Everything in this world, whether man made or nature made, emits a different frequency of vibration. This is because everything is made up of energy and teeny tiny particles. These teeny tiny particles are always moving, they vibrate and therefore emit energy. When you feel ‘heavy’ and low, your vibrations have slowed down making you feel sluggish or sad. When you have a high vibration frequency, you generally feel ‘lighter’, happier and more energised.

Crystals have a more stable frequency of vibration than humans, so tapping into their frequencies can help us to heighten or lower our own frequency. All crystals are created under different amounts of pressure from the earth and using different elements and chemicals, which is why we have so many different types. Every type of crystal therefore, has a different frequency, which is why we have crystals that offer different properties.

If you’re still struggling with this concept, have a little ready of this blog from Mind Valley all about vibrations, they are much better at explaining this stuff than I am!

Choosing crystals for travel

As I’ll be travelling a lot over the next few months, I wanted to find crystals for travel that would help me handle the key issues I face whilst on the move. Having crystals helps me to feel calmer, just by having them near and knowing that I can tap into them whenever I need to, so travelling with crystals was a no brainer for me!

Below, I’ve listed some of my key problems that I deal with when travelling and some of the crystals you can tap into in order to overcome these hurdles. There are so many crystals in the world, sometimes it can take a bit of experimentation in order to find the ones that work for you (for example, Opal does not agree with me, but my energy loves a bit of Tigers Eye!).

Crystals for calming anxiety

Anxiety is something that I struggle with in every day life, not just when travelling, so this is my number one thing to think about when choosing which crystals to travel with.

My go to crystal for managing anxiety is my beloved Tiger’s Eye, but there are plenty of other crystals you can tap into in order to help with anxiety, it just depends what the root cause of your anxiety is. Mine, particularly when travelling, is confidence and worrying about how others perceive me, so Tigers Eye is PERFECT for boosting confidence and therefore easing my anxiety.

Other crystals for anxiety are: 

AmethystTrust . Intuition . Cleansing negative energy

Blue Lace AgateSoothing . Calming . Dealing with fears and energy blockages

FluoriteGrounding . Harmony . Intuition 

Crystals for safe travel

Obviously staying safe is also high up on my priorities, which is why I’ve done a good bit of research on the best crystals for safe travel. Although the best crystals for safe travel are often a combination of a few different gemstones, there are some crystals that ancients believed gave them protection when travelling. For example:

Best crystals for safe travel

Turquoise – The Native American Indians would often use Turquoise in their jewellery and clothing, in order to give them protection when they were travelling. This gemstone is known for its protection, wisdom and healing properties, so it is perfect for travel.

Malachite – This gemstone can help you overcome your fear of flying and is known as a protection stone against air travel in particular. So if you know you’re going to be jumping on and off planes during your travels, this one is for you.

Hematite – Is a grounding, focusing and centring crystal and has been known to help with jet lag, so great for long distance travellers. It can be easy to get a little ditzy when passing through time zones, so Hematite can help you stay alert and on top of things.

Crystals for handling home sickness

When you’re away for long periods of time, home sickness is bound to hit you and usually it is at the most random or inconvenient of times. Missing home and the things we’ve grown up with is extremely normal, so don’t be afraid to wallow in it a little bit!

If you’re done wallowing though, here are a few crystals to help bring you out the other side.


Sodalite – This gemstone is perfect for those needing a bit of harmony in their lives, which any home sick person does! It also allows you to tap into your intuition and learn to trust again. Trusting yourself and feeling at peace with yourself can do wonders when it comes to dispelling homesickness.

Red Jasper – Ideal as a worry stone, red jasper helps to ground you and soothe you in times of worry, so purchasing a large tumble-stone of Red Jasper and rubbing it when you feel a little homesick, can help massively to alleviate worry and longing.

Smokey Quartz – This is one of my favourites for homesickness, as it is grounding and allows you to surrender and let go of any negativity you are holding on to. My homesickness often comes from feeling lonely, because my mind is thinking about all the things I left behind, rather than what I have in the here and now. Smokey Quartz allows me to re-ground my subconscious and get back into the present, letting go of what was and accepting what is.

Crystals for keeping your positive energy elevated

Travelling, especially long distance, can be very draining and keeping your energy positive can be a struggle. That’s why I’ve chosen a few crystals to show you, which will help to decrease the negative energy and increase the positive, helping you to enjoy your travels that little bit more.

Citrine best crystals for travel

Citrine – I love me some Citrine as its bright yellow colour represents its ability to boost happiness and joy perfectly. This is just a super happy crystal that helps to boost your positive energy and get fully immersed in that happy travel feeling.

Bloodstone – This one is a great energiser and helps you to feel a little more vibrant. Bloodstone is known for its ability to give you an energy boost and when you’re feeling tired and run down from days of travel, tapping into its energy can give you the boost you need to keep going!

Clear Quartz – This is an essential crystal to have, especially if you are carrying multiple crystals, as it can help boost the energy of the other stones. Clear Quartz is a great cleanser and allows you to get your level head back on track. There is so much you can do with this crystal that I couldn’t possibly go into it all in this blog, but if you want to read more about it, then Energy Muse has a huge blog all about Clear Quartz that you can check out.

Finding the best crystals for travel is a very personal experience, so use your intuition as well as crystal guides when crystal shopping. You may find that a crystal I have recommended in this post just doesn’t gel with you, in which case move along!

Don’t feel like you HAVE to have these exact ones just because someone else says they work. Choosing a crystal relies heavily on your own individual vibrations, so have a good feel of all of those crystals first before purchasing any.

Want to chat more about crystals and travel? Drop me a message with any questions or comments you have!

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