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How I Practice Wicca Whilst Travelling

April 18, 2019
Practice Wicca

How I Practice Wicca Whilst Travelling

April 18, 2019

When I first started to practice Wicca, I didn’t have all the tools and trinkets that many established Wiccans have, but over time my altar grew and it became a safe haven for me every evening. I would enjoy lighting my candles, grabbing some of my crystals and meditating in this space before bed, but all that has changed now.

It’s hard to have an altar when travelling, sure you can have a travel altar, but with me staying in hostels and motels whilst backpacking, it seemed pointless. I couldn’t burn candles or incense so the only things that would be in there was a pentagram and a few herbs, not really the best use of limited bag space.

I’ve had to figure out a new way to express and embrace my spirituality. A new way that I can be Wiccan without all the bells and whistles (sometimes literally, pagans love an instrument).

Discovering what type of Wiccan I am

The best thing about this minimalist Wicca approach is that I got to explore different ways to be Wiccan. There is no one set way to be Wiccan and it can be a very eclectic religion. This means you are basically left to find your own path, which was always one of the draws for me.

“I use it like a key to a box my subconscious doesn’t want to open.”

I had read a lot about Green Witches and Wicca is a nature based religion, which means we focus on the power of the earth and the universe to help us gain more spiritual clarity and understanding. This is something you don’t need an altar for.

I’m lucky that I travelled to a country that has more nature than you can shake a broom stick at, allowing me to really delve into the nature side of being a practicing Wiccan. I started to research into Herbalism, took more walks and hikes in the great New Zealand outdoors and started meditating outside. All things that don’t require an altar or any tools whatsoever.

Focusing on mediation, crystals and tarot

I’ve been using meditation a lot more recently, not just because of health issues, but because it is how I’ve always connected to myself and my surroundings spiritually. I’ve also been using my crystals a lot more, allowing them to help me set intentions for my travels and manifest the things I really want to achieve.

Along with crystal meditation, I’ve also been practicing tarot reading a lot more, something I started to delve into in detail before I left. Tarot cards are so easy to travel with and they are perfect for helping you keep your intuition in check.

The thing I love most about reading my own tarot is that it encourages you to delve a little deeper into your psyche. Sometimes, you might think you know what you are thinking and feeling, but often there is something else happening under the surface that we are repressing or holding back on, and tarot allows me to unlock that. I use it like a key to a box my subconscious doesn’t want to open.

Understanding what Wicca means to me

Being so limited with how I can practice Wicca has really made me think about why I started to practice in the first place. It’s helped me get back to the root of my spirituality and what is really important to me.

I got into Wicca because I realised how much it could benefit me as a person and my mental health. I feel like I lost that a little bit over the last few months and now I’ve rediscovered the reason I love being Wiccan. All of the Wicca tools I use, whether it is crystals, a pendulum, meditation, herbalism or tarot reading, I use because they allow me to look after my mental health. I feel more connected to the world around me and to myself, which is something depression and anxiety can strip away from you.

I know that the idea of practicing Wicca is something that is new to a lot of you guys or maybe it’s something you have a bit of skepticism about, so make sure you’re following me over on Instagram to see more of my Wicca workings and feel free to ask any questions! Even if you think I’ll be offended, I won’t, trust me I’m very resilient.

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