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How I use Goldstone to help me with financial woes

May 5, 2019
Goldstone for wealth

How I use Goldstone to help me with financial woes

May 5, 2019

As we all know, I’m currently down in New Zealand living a life long dream of seeing every inch of this beautiful country! It’s been amazing and I’ve had some truly awesome experiences, but with those awesome experiences, comes financial expense.

That’s right, travelling is expensive, who knew!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t as financially prepared as I wanted to be when I left the UK, but I went ahead and left the country anyway. I made sure I had a few freelance clients in order to keep at least a little bit of money coming in, but I was definitely burning through it quicker than I was making it.

Using goldstone Pinterest

Trying and failing to find a job in New Zealand

I knew I was running short of savings around the middle of March, so I started looking for jobs I had some experience in. These were barista and waitressing roles, as well as the odd shop and hostel job. I had a good few interviews, but no success and time was marching on.

It wasn’t long before the panic started setting in and my worst fears of having to sleep on the streets started to loom closer. No matter how many jobs I applied for or how many interviews I went to, I didn’t get any closer to landing a job.

That was until I stopped trying to get a job in hospitality (something I hadn’t done for a good 5-6 years) and started to look for work in digital marketing, the industry I had left in order to come to New Zealand. Nothing quite says ‘this is where you’re meant to be‘ like only being able to get a role in a job you weren’t sure you wanted a long-term career in.

Everything has always happened for a reason

I remember back when I started to look for work straight out of University, I had the same experience, so many interviews, no offers. When I look back though, I’ve always ended up where I was meant to be. Every job I’ve had has given me something, even the ones I’ve had negative experiences with, every role has added to my skillset, which has effectively helped me to progress in my field very very quickly.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, but this belief started to fade when I found myself closer and closer to having to admit defeat and head back to the UK. I was desperate not to fail at making this work, so I turned to Wicca, as I always do!

I’ve always been interested in crystal magick and using crystals to manifest positive results. Usually I use my crystals during spellwork, rituals or meditation, so I wondered how I could use these things to help me out of this sticky situation.

Unlocking the potential of Goldstone

Goldstone image

For those that don’t know, Goldstone is a man-made glass that is usually an orange-red or dark blue or green, with shiny gold flecks throughout. It is most commonly associated with ambition, prosperity and abundance, so it’s perfect for trying to attract more of what you need in your life. For me, this was dollar dollar bills!

Now as a Wiccan, I try hard not to do any spellwork for personal gain, so I’m very careful what I ask the universe for. It’s no good asking to win the lottery because that isn’t something you can naturally manifest.

Being realistic with your intentions and what you’re asking for is the key to success.

When using the Goldstone, I simply asked that I attract enough wealth in order for me to afford food and rent until my next pay day. Nothing big, no Ferraris or million dollar wins, just enough to get by.

How did I use the Goldstone?

Using goldstone for wealth

First of all, I had to set my intentions for the Goldstone, to do this I usually use meditation. I sit in a quiet place (not easy in a hostel full of backpackers, but I made it work) and I meditate for 20-30 minutes holding the Goldstone and thinking about what I wanted to attract into my life.

These things didn’t just include money, it also included a confirmed job, a place to live and even friends! Then, I took the Goldstone and I put it in my purse with all my debit cards and loose change. I carried it around for about a week until things started to come together.

What was the outcome?

Well, a week after using the Goldstone, I got a confirmed job, I found somewhere that was central, cheap and awesome to live, my invoices were finally paid and I got a hefty tax refund from the HMRC, which effectively allowed me to pay for rent for a month.

Do I think the Goldstone magically made me wealthy? No.

I don’t believe that the Goldstone made something that was impossible, possible. I believe that using the Goldstone helped me subconsciously set my intentions and focus for that week and I took the right steps to achieve those things.

That’s how magick should work.

It’s not about the supernatural, it’s about unlocking the potential that you already have and giving it a chance to come through to the forefront. You are all you need to make things happen, but sometimes we need a little help and guidance on directing our energies towards the right areas.

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