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How to use tarot cards effectively and intentionally

May 11, 2019
how to use tarot cards

How to use tarot cards effectively and intentionally

May 11, 2019

I remember being young and being fascinated with tarot art, but I was also eager to know how to use tarot cards and whether they could actually tell me my future. I was young, I wanted to know magic was real…

The answer is no, they can not.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble like that, but it’s best you know now. Tarot cards do not tell the future, nothing can tell you your future because it isn’t written yet and it isn’t set in stone. Your entire life isn’t written down in some book somewhere, it’s firmly in your hands.

What the tarot cards do, is reflect your subconscious to help you work through your problems. The trick is that you already know the answers to your problems, the cards just trick your brain into unlocking them.

learning tarot cards

Understanding how to use tarot cards

In order to get an answer from the cards, you need to have a clear question you are looking to find an answer for. Without that, you’re stabbing blindly in the dark.

There’s plenty of different spreads you can use, the most traditional being the Celtic cross, but I haven’t felt a strong connection to that spread so far. My absolute favourite spread is the Release and Let Go’ spread by Biddy Tarot.

But if you are looking for an absolute beginner spread, then the simple 3 card spread is by far the easiest. This uses 3 tarot cards laid out in a horizontal line, each card representing the past, present and future, reading left to right.

Card one (the left hand card) tells you what the problem you are currently facing is, or what you have overcome to get to where you are (it depends on your question which one applies). Card two (the middle card) tells you where you with the situation, what you are feeling and thinking in that moment about the situation you are facing or have faced. The third and final card (the card on the right), tells you either how to overcome the issue or what could possibly be the outcome.

For example:

My most recent reading consisted of

Card 1 (Justice), Card 2 (The Hierophant reversed), Card 3 (The Star)

This reading represented the fight to get to a good place at home (moving into a new house), a good place in my career (hustling for freelance work until I got confirmation of a new job) and finally being in a balanced state for the first time in months.

The second card showed how I’d made the decision to go against the grain, to go against what everyone else in my situation was doing and doing things my own way to get the results that are best for me and my goals.

The third card, the star, shows that all my efforts and hard work will result in positive and amazing outcomes. It shows that going against the grain (card 2) will reap great rewards and shows that I’m exactly where I need to be right now to make amazing things happen.

What do the tarot cards actually tell us?

The way tarot works, is that it mirrors what you are already subconsciously thinking or know. The cards are just cards that each have a meaning, it is our brains that apply that meaning to our own personal situations.

The tarot deck is a tool that can not only help you overcome major issues in your life, but it can also be a great mental health tool, to check in with yourself when you need to practice a bit of self care.

Have you ever tried to give yourself a tarot card reading? How did it go?

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